Noting a Few Capabilities We Have For Building Printed Circuit Boards

Below is a questionnaire we wrote up today for a potential customer in Israel noting a few capabilities we have for fabricating printed circuit boards.  They were looking to grow their supplier base to improve their printed circuit board pricing.  Below is our offering to them:

  1. Hybrid Materials
    1. Off-shore: Yes. Some available, some 14 days to procure
    2. Domestic USA:  Yes. Some available, some 5-7 days to procure
  2. Bondable Gold Capability
    1. Off-shore: Yes
    2. Domestic USA: Yes
  3. Quick turns
    1. Off-shore: Yes 2, 3, 4 day turns and up + 2-3 day Transit
    2. Domestic USA: Yes 1, 2, 3, 4 day turns and up + Transit
  4. Cavity Cut Outs
    1. Off-shore: Yes
    2. Domestic USA: Yes
  5. Edge Plating
    1. Off-shore: Yes
    2. Domestic USA: Yes
  6. Minimum order
    1. Off-shore: No minimums
    2. Domestic USA: No Minimums – but depends on board type, size, manufacturing panel utilization, etc…
  7. Panelization – we can panel based on your requirements or create a panel for you
    1. Off-shore: Yes
    2. Domestic USA: Yes
  8. Vial Fill Material –  Conductive / non- Conductive
    1. Off-shore: Yes – types of materials are contingent upon application
    2. Domestic USA: Yes – types of materials are contingent upon application
    3. Dupont CB100 is a common material – we only use the highest quality products so engineering data sheets can be provided as needed.
    4. We are also able to do mask filled vias and tented vias
  9. ITAR Restrictions
    1. Off-shore: Yes – not available for off-shore manufacturing
    2. Domestic USA: ITAR is available
  10. Electronic File Formats
    1. RS-274X
    2. Extended Gerbers
    3. NC Drill Files

Attached is our response to your PCB Supplier questionnaire.  We have actually produced a few flex pcb projects for engineers in Israel.  Based on your questions, we can certainly do the work for your products when you are ready.  In addition, we have produced some very complex rigid flex circuit boards for other customers all over the world.

Please note that we are a “distributor” and we do not have to rely on just one vendor for our production needs.  We have 4 excellent pcb manufacturing partners off-shore and 2 domestic suppliers here in America who offer us “wholesale” pricing.  This way we can be competitive and work to always get you the best possible pricing aligned with your technology needs.

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