Another Successful Design Project

We are pleased to announce that PCB Solutions has completed yet another successful PCB layout and design project. Micromanipulator, (Reno, NV), a designer and manufacturer of Analytical Probing Equipment, came to us in at the end of July 2012 with a request to take a schematic and design for a new product and produce the Gerber files needed to fabricate a PCB.  Mike Jackson of Micromanipulator visited our facility in Reno and after discussing their project with our President, Greg Engstrom, the process began to roll forward.

On August 17th, PCB Solutions delivered the Gerber files and other deliverables as requested, on-time.  There were some minor modifications after review of the files but shortly thereafter Steve Schmidt, Senior Software Engineer, stated, “It all looks good.  Thanks for the quick response time.  I would like to get a quote for the board level assembly at your earliest convenience.”

We are now in the process of quoting the Printed Circuit Board and its assembly as a full-turn key opportunity.  We just love it when a plan comes together…

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