PCB Solutions Adds Another Tier I Telecommunications Customer

PCB Solutions continues to add Tier I customers to its list.  This week, after over a month of effort, it was confirmed we would be building a complete 50 pcs build for the smart phone leader, Nokia.  The good news came on April 15, 2013 with the confirmation of two Purchase Orders: one for the printed circuit board and one for the assembly of their PCB.

The PCB is a unique product and boarders on the upper end of our technology capabilities. It is a complex 6-layer.  As a multi layer with “crossed” blind and buried vias, this controlled depth drill was too tough for more than 4 circuit board suppliers before finding our solution.  In addition, we were to copper fill all the vias under the pads of the BGA from laser drilled holes.

Here is a brief look at crossed blind vias requirments:

BLIND -L1-L2_BLIND.DRL     Drill coordinates, BLIND VIAS L1-L2
BLIND -L1-L2-L3_BLIND.DRL  Drill coordinates, BLIND VIAS L1-L3
BLIND -L2-L3_BURIED.DRL    Drill coordinates, BURIED VIAS L2-L3
BLIND -L3-L4_BURIED.DRL    Drill coordinates, BURIED VIAS L3-L4
BLIND -L4-L5-L6_BLIND.DRL  Drill coordinates, BLIND VIAS L4-L6
BLIND -L4-L5_BURIED.DRL    Drill coordinates, BURIED VIAS L4-L5
BLIND -L5-L6_BLIND.DRL     Drill coordinates, BLIND VIAS L5-L6

More to follow in the complexity of the PCB and our ability to fabricate it in an future blog post…

We are always pleased to announce that the assembly will be performed here in the USA by one of our trusted partner / customer relationships.   This partner / customer has been buying from us and we have been recommending them for over 8 years.  They are one of the top Electronics Manufacturing Suppliers in their state.  They are home to 3 of the top surface mount technicians in their large metropolitan area.

PCB Solutions management is excited about this new opportunity to show the manufacturing world we produce the most complex electronics new age technology has to develope.

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