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If you were ever in the mood to try going direct with China, now is not the time – unless you have a PCB Supplier to partner with.  The market in the USA is slowing in tandem with the over steaming Chinese market and the suppliers searching for new business are coming out of the woodwork like the interesting folks you would never see except at a county fair.  Just this week alone we have received over 50 contact requests from suppliers in a variety of ways. They seem to be hitting the streets aggressively and this Friday was no exception.

Dear Sir:

This is Scofield, from Shenzhen Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd. We get your name and email address from your trade leads on globlaspec.com that you are in the

market for PCB. So glad to have this opportunity to contact with you. We would like to introduce our company and products, in the hope of establishing the bridge for business

cooperation with you. We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of quick-turn prototype and small volume PCB, with the scale of 120 workers who operate day and night in order to meet the requirements of clients both in quality and quantity. Our factory has the ability of producing 1600 kinds of style, with 4200-5200 square meters each month. Quick response, JSD PCB will reply Customer’s any enquiry within 3 hours;
 More than 180 type of PCB can be worked out Every day;
 24 hours technique Support;
 24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.
 24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.
 Experienced Impedance Designer.
 Supply the best project fit for production customized
We have more than 42 engineers, all with rich experience. Working by two shifts, treating the Engineer files 24 hours, providing our buyer technique support. We explore different kinds of CAM treatment software, which shorten the engineering inquiry and working time, optimize the production greatly. We will make out the best project fit for production customized, which will improve the reliability of our product, and shorten the product research and development period.

We mainly in supplying rigid board, flexible board and Rigid-Flex board. We have produce

designs with series quality grade, and we export large quantity to European and American

countries, getting a good word-of-mouth. Our price is very competitive because we are

the manufacturer, we are the source. You are welcome to visit our website which includes our company profiles, history and something latest designs. Should any of

these items be of interest to you, please let us know, we will be happy to give you details.

As a very active manufactures, we develop new designs nearly every month, if you have interest

in it, it’s my pleasure to offer news to you regular.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards


Electronics & Technology Co.,Ltd.

At first glance, this guy sounds pretty sharp and the story is quite appealing. They can do all things, in perfect order it seems so why not give them a try. Then you take on the need to find out what type of business relationship they have which can include but are not limited to:

  • What are their payment terms? Most Asian manufacturers require what they call a “TT”which is a tele-transfer or payment upfront – why would you pay for your product upfront when you could have net 30 or net 60 after the product ships to your firm from our warehouse in the Unites States and not prior to when it ships in Asia.
  • What is their quality like? Getting a few samples is nothing, and they will be perfect every time. The question is, when the supplier gets your product into production, will the quality remain? In the beginning of our experience overseas, we say a huge difference between samples or prototypes and pre-production quality of many factories we were testing as new suppliers. This was a huge time and financial commitment.
  • What is the price going to be like on the 2nd and 3rd PNs? Yes. Believe it or not, the next few PNs you quote them, will not be as competitive. If you work with PCB Solutions, you can trust the first through the 100th PN quoted will be competitively priced.
  • Do they have a stocking program – buyer beware here there is a lot of product sitting in the warehouse of your supplier from previous orders they will try to slide in. with PCB Solutions, you can trust that when you order your product, it is coming from the date code of the that purchase order. In addition, you can have all the material brought to our warehouse and stocked ready for shipment to your company. This way you can pull in anything needed and not wait 21 days to get it.  The advantage of that speaks volumes.

Here are a few more really great opportunities to look over and this character can do everything:

This is Tony from Shenzhen Electronics Co.,Ltd (YU), a professional Printed Circuit Boards manufacturer from China.

WEI was founded in 1995, now we would like to introduce our company and products:

  • More than 1,100 professional employees, 2 Divisions;
  • 1-40 layers Single-sided, Double-Sided and Multilayer PCBs;
  • Position: Quick turn, prototype, small-volume to batch PCBs manufacturing service;
  • PCB material: Shengyi FR4, ITEQ, Guoji (that the heck is this stuff?), KB, ROGERS, ARLON;
  • 3/3mil line width/spacing, up to 12OZ copper thickness, 0.1mm laser drilling;
  • Finish: OSP(Entek), HASL, Lead Free HASL, Immersion Silver/Tin, ENIG(Immersion gold 1-10u”), Golden Finger 1-150u”, Hard gold 1-150u”, Ni-Pd-Au(Au:1-8″, Pd:2-5u”);
  • High Frequency, Blind and buried vias, HDI, Laser Drilling, Heavy Copper PCBs, Impedance Controlled PCBs;
  • More than 60 engineers, with 5 technical teams, 7*24 hours working time;
  • More than 2000 customers, such as Panasonic, OKI, Honeywell, BMW, Foxconn, BYD, EMERSION  and so on;
  • 1 hour quick quotation, 7*24 hours technical support and service;
  • The fastest delivery time for Double-Sided PCB is 24 hours, for 4-10 layers is 48 hours;
  • ISO9001:2008, ROHS, UL and SGS certified. All products strictly comply with IPC class 2, and if you need, Class 3.

If any new inquiry about PCB, welcome here and we will try our best to satisfy you well with competitive prices as per your request.

Now Rose has a very creative entry:

We can produce PCB

 ———o-o—————————single-side  pcb

              —————————o———o-o————o double-side pcb

                          —————————o———o-o——————————— multi-layer pcb

                                   o———o-o———————————————o——————————aluminum-based pcb

                                          o———o-o———————————————o——————————o————o———————Flex board pcb

We can supply the best price as 40USD for single-side board, and also the competitive price for other type PCB.

If you need, please reply this email. (*^__^*)

Disturb me? Heck no, now I get to write about you!

Hope this email will not disturb you. I got your address from the website.

This is Amanda from ShenZhen Wan He Xing Electronic Co., Ltd. Please accept my apology for this unsolicited e-mail.

I’m writing to enquire if we can do something for you on PCB fabrication. Let me take this chance and introduce ourselves briefly as follows:

What we can do:

– 1 to 26-layer FR-4 PCBs with HDI, and metal core PCBs such as Aluminum based PCBs, Copper based PCBs and Iron based PCBs etc

Prototype, Difficult, Small&Medium volume PCB orders with IPC standards.

Why choose us:

– Premium services with over 12 years exporting experience;

– Much more competitive price than local market in China with good quality;

– Short lead time, we can support quick turn job too if needed;

– Perfect system (ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004, UL certification, SPC system, etc..)

– Almost 24 hours service, you can find us at almost 24 hours

Should you have any query, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from your esteemed company, Thanks and have a nice day!

Hope everything goes well with you!

To be honest:

Maybe there are a lot of sales send to you e-mail.

But our factory has its own features and services.I’m engaged in PCB engineer for 12 years.
This is Salmon, Wize PCB is my factory, hope to get your attention.

Of course: Our company has a competitive price, good quality team, there is an on time delivery.

1, the fast delivery capability, double Layer delivery 24 hours a day.
2, high process capability: minimum hole: 4 mil, minimum line width: 3 mil
3 and have it RIGID – FLEX PCBS production experience for many years,it applied to medical and military industry

4, and have ROGESS 5880 PCB ,it used in the high frequency microwave communication industry;

Hope to a chance to try: Give me an E-MAIL.
Welcome you visiting & quotation.


Now this guy put a creative effort with his title of “Here I Am”


Hello, I am a PCB supplier I just moved to the Las Vegas area so I do not know my way around yet, just came here from Southern California area came out here for what I thought was a great opportunity that has dissipated so now I have my own thing I sell design through assembly. I noticed that you are a domestic supplier I am in hopes that you might need an offshore partner to hook up with? I can handle 10 day turns dock to dock from overseas this is our normal lead time zero expediting fees included. Best pricing best quality. We also offer 5 day turns dock to dock there is an expediting fee for this but it is nowhere near what the domestic guys charge. I was a domestic sales guy for right about 30 years so I know the fees that they charge. What I am offering you is the opportunity to sell your quick turns for a profit. Our quality is superb I have been aboard for a little over a year and a half and have had zero issues.

I have included some information for your review please read it. If you have any questions or want more info feel free to contact me. I’ll give you a call in the near future.


You cannot dispute the potential these stories present.  However, a buyer must remember what is lurking behind the nice website and the friendly capabilities: Lost communication, potential quality issues that could ruin a good customer relationship, etc… the list goes on and on.

Reach out to one of our team members and let us show you what working with a U.S. based supplier can be like. We will help you electronic supply chain function stress free.

James Brown
VP of Sales & Marketing
PCB Solutions, LLC
[email protected]

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