Controlling Your Printed Circuit Board Supply Chain

No one can ever comprehend what an incompetent supplier can do to wreck a relationship with a good customer until you have experienced it firsthand.  As many in the manufacturing world know, a quality supplier is without a doubt worth its weight in GOLD!  That being said, one of the key components in having control over your supply chain is the equivalent to developing a good relationship with a potential customer.  It is well known in the sales world that a personal relationship is paramount when developing long term customers.  We at PCB Solutions consider this philosophy to be no different when it comes to developing long term relationships with our suppliers.

A long term relationship with our suppliers is the first criteria for success.  In fact, we invest considerable about of time when simply investigating a new supplier and then additional time and money resources into their qualification process, and even more time, money and travel into further developing that relationship. . .

That is further evident this week as our President, Greg Engstrom, set off for a 3 week trip to China to meet and work with our Asian based supply chain. We understand our printed circuited board and other custom fabricated customers will not have the time or resources to spend multiple in-person visits with suppliers.  So, Greg will spend 15 days meeting with each supplier discussing current and new projects, delivery, quality, communication, documentation and new advancements that will benefit each of our current and soon to be new customers.  This conversation adds up to having control over our custom fabricated supply chain so that our customers will enjoy a consistent and an uninterrupted delivery of quality product.

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