Raw Cables

PCB Solutions offers custom designs and tooling services for Bulk Cable, Connectors and Overmolds.

Raw Cable Capabilities:

Single-Conductor, Thermoplastic Insulation
  • UL Approval Cables- PVC (1007, 1015, 1061, 1185, 1430, 1051,1095, 1569, 1571, 1589,1617, 1672, 1230, 10166)
  • UL Approval Cables- Halogen Free (10149, 10439, 10530, 10586, 10643, 10645, 10720)

Single Conductor Raw Cable


Multiple-conductor, Thermoplastic Insulation
  • UL Approval Cables- PVC (2095, 2464, 2468, 2562, 2835, 2725, 20251, 20276, 2547)
  • UL Approval Cables- Halogen Free (20256, 20328, 20844, 21144, 21235, 21394, 21572)

Multiple Conductor Raw Cable


Whether it’s engineering, or development support you need, rest assured that our staff will ensure your product is both on time and market ready.

Our supplier is a Hong Kong based company that focuses on cable assemblies, wire harnesses and connectors. They are a leader in innovative technologies that change the traditional way of cable assemblies and connector designs are manufactured to help improve pricing and time to market. This custom wire harness and cable assembly supplier has been innovating the custom cable industry since 1995.

We realize that a simple cable assembly is rarely simple. To get an idea from concept to creation typically takes more than putting together a few components. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive suite of services to ensure you can get the solution you need without having to manage a team of vendors.